your business:  a year round commitment

Business doesn't go away - and that's the idea, of course. But neither do the pressures and sometimes it's not hard to lose sight of financial priorities. Which means you may need to know more about the complete picture of your business than you do at present.

Pinnacle Business eases the pressure with regular financial snapshots. We work with you to keep you in control of your business issues. The dividend for you from this investment, we believe, is more creative time to plan and develop your product, service and customer relations strategies.

And for major initiatives - a vehicle purchase or investment property, housing loan, family trust, negative gearing, alternative investments - Pinnacle provides objective evaluation and advice through which to formulate your critical business development decisions.

your business options:  consultation and control

Let's take an example. On a negative gearing initiative, Pinnacle will consult and evaluate asset acquisitions, holding costs, growth strategy and exit costs for you, as well as the likely tax scenario.

We're also the adviser for businesses where it's not practical to retain an in-house financial controller, when you nonetheless need a proactive financial sounding board.

Pinnacle emphasises financial management solutions before tax. Why? If they're not in place there won't be any tax issues, because there won't be any profit. And Pinnacle is committed to continuous improvement, seeking always to exceed your expectations and providing something extra you didn't expect.

Pinnacle will guide your business through all compliance, bas & gst, paygw and fuel grant issues. And if there's an area where we can't assist directly, you can have complete confidence in referrals to our network of preferred professional advisers.

added information:  added life value

With more business information, your business will function better. Your life will, too. A business is a family undertaking and a responsible financial service also supports its clients' lifestyle and family needs.

Pinnacle's goal is clear. We want to make life easier for you, your business and your family. Staying in touch with a complex corporate environment lets us select clients who share this philosophy. By encouraging the personal involvement of business owners, we've found that new opportunities, unavailable through conventional tax-based providers, arise seamlessly.

That's why you can always see our Senior Partner, Terry Grace, a Fellow of the CPA, a Member of its Public Practice Committee and a Member of the Australian Institute of Management. The resulting two way information flow supports you in taking your business to its natural pinnacle.



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